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The house, designed by Francesc Berenguer i Mestres (Reus, 1848 - Barcelona, 1914) Was built between 1904 and 1906. There were constructed few houses in the park. In lift, it was intended to create a Pilot building: that is, a model to encourage Barcelona to purchase plots where they raise their luxurious residences, and thus move forward with the real estate development.


In 1906, Antoni Gaudí bought the house and became its Residence: in the middle of that year,  Francesc Antoni and Rosa (Gaudí's parents) occupied this house. We must bear in mind that this tower was not initially for the architect, but the environment, climate, and guidance of Villa met the necessary conditions to facilitate Welfare of the father, ill. But Francesc Gaudi died in the recently installed in October of that year. The niece, with serious health problems, died six years later: thus, Gaudi lived twenty years in this house almost alone.


A few months before he died the year 1926, Gaudí left his residence To Park Guell. Although he had never had problems with walking daily from this hill to remember that Barcelona - Mountain was then peeled away from a core city, Solitary and little inhabited - the artist decided to settle in Workshop open to the Sagrada Familia. To die on June 10 1926, Gaudí left the house down to the Board building Temple of the Sagrada Familia that requires media to move forward with economic work decided to put it up for sale. One year after it acquired Francesc Chiappe and his Arietti woman, an Italian couple home Torino.


Chiappe marriage lived until the outbreak of the Civil War Spanish in 1936, when he left Italy. Returned in 1940, after a few years, Mr Chiappe died. His wife stayed at home a few more years. By not have children, the death of the widow inherited a house nephew, since his death, new heirs did offer to the association of the Friends of Gaudi. The year 1960, this Entity bought the house. His goal was to make it a museum dedicated to Gaudi: 1963 managed to inaugurate this new cultural institution Barcelona projection Internationally.


From the first moment Josep Mi. Garrut was appointed director of House-Museum Gaudí. With Enric Casanellas in hand, and supported by all members of the Friends of Gaudi, fought for recreate the atmosphere that surrounded the architect while he lived. In addition, they assemble a large collection of furniture designed by Gaudi, as well as various objects and works of Some of his aides.


In 1992 the association Friends of Gaudi decided to pass another After the Board Construction of the Temple of the Sagrada Familia, in Which today is a part.



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