Nature square and the Hipostila room


Following the stairs you go through a large porch that have eighty-six columns that supports a large square.


The roof is covered with brittle and white uniform, but it is not plain, is sinking between column and column. In the middle there are fourteen brittle, spread unevenly.


In spaces where there is no brittle medallions. The columns are also covered with white brittle at the bottom.


There is no column with a right angle respect the soil, anyone has the same inclination. But not only support for the square, also serve as drains, all the rainwater that collects the square, is filtered, going through the columns and go to a chamber that serves as a reservoir, under the room. Where it is stored.


The porch had been thought as a market of the garden city, but was never opened, not even build.


Above the porch is a square of sand enclosed by a bank of style completely Gaudínian, which is shaped like a snake and is completely covered with brittle. This place has good views over Barcelona.